Pergola avec toit en feuilles de palmier synthétiques

How to calculate the area to be covered?

Take a look at our sample projects to get an estimate of how many Palmita sets you will need to complete your project.
Calcule d'une surface à couvrir

Calculation of the surface

Each set of Palmita includes 22 leaves, to cover a total area of 21.5 square feet . The 21.5 square feet coverage takes into account the 20 cm overlap between each row of leaves.

Not sure of the calculation to measure the area you need to cover? Whether you want to cover a linear roof, a 2-pitch roof or a roof with more than 3 pitches, you can refer to the article right here : Calculating the surface of a roof: what formulas and how to do it?

How many Palmita sets do you need

according to the type of project

Refer to the examples below for a quick reference of how many Palmita's you will need to order to complete your project. These examples are for reference only, it will be important to take measurements for your own project.

Structure en bois d'une pergola avec une toiture en feuilles de palmier synthétiques


For a standard size 10' x 10' gazebo, 8 Palmita sets will be needed to cover the area.

Structure de tiki bar en bois avec toiture 2 pans en chaume artificielle

Tiki bar

For a linear roof of a 6' x 4' tiki bar structure, 2 Palmita sets will be required.

Parasol en bois de type palapa en feuilles de palmier synthétiques


To cover the roof of an 8-foot diameter umbrella, you will need 3 Palmita sets.

Abris à barbecue en bois avec un toit en feuilles de palmier synthétiques


For a shelter for a BBQ area or outdoor kitchenette measuring 10 feet x 5 feet, it will take 4 Palmita sets to cover the roof.

Cabanon avec une toiture 4 pans en feuilles de palmier synthétiques


To cover the roof of an 8' x 12' shed, 8 Palmita sets will be required.

Petite niche à chien avec une couverture en feuilles de palmier

Dog house

For a small dog house that is 2.4 feet high, 2.25 feet wide and 2.9 feet deep, you will only need one Palmita set.

Zone de détente sous une pergola en bois avec un recouvrement en chaume artificiel

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