Which project is right for you?

Quel projet est fait pour vous?

A pergola

  • Spa shelter

    Do you have a pergola that's missing an original touch or are you thinking of building one? What we love about pergolas is that they can serve all sorts of purposes. Just pick the one that's right for you and add Palmita roof for a tropical touch!

  • Zone de détente sous une pergola en bois avec un recouvrement en chaume artificiel

    A relaxation area

    To create a well-defined relaxation area with a tropical feel, you know what you need!

  • A dining room

    A classic that our customers love, a pergola covering the outdoor dining table, perfect for protection from the sun!

A BBQ area

  • The kitchenette

    If summer means BBQ for you, and you love to entertain and spend as much time as possible outdoors, a kitchenette setup in a large backyard is sure to please!

  • The little BBQ area

    Those who want to add a tropical touch in small doses can opt for Palmita roof on top of a small BBQ area. This solution can even be used on a balcony!

Our favorite

The bar area

If you, too, love to entertain friends and host pool parties all summer long, you'll fall in love with the idea of building a backyard bar area. With Palmita roof, you'll feel like you're on vacation!

To build a bar like this, we invite you to contact directly one of our distributors in Canada. He can take care of your project from A to Z, so you can enjoy a tropical bar this summer without any hassle!

Tiki bar extérieur en bois avec une toiture en feuilles de palme synthétique Palmita

Outside the house

  • Bateau de type ponton au style tiki avec toit pergola à la toiture en feuille de palmier

    On a boat

    Have the most festive boat on the lake this summer with its floating tiki bar look.

  • At the campsite

    Palmita roof will allow you to stand out well at the campground by highlighting your property!

More ideas...

  • Construction d'un parasol de type palapa avec couverture en feuille de palmier

    An umbrella

    To add a tropical touch on a tighter budget, installing Palmita on a parasol is simple and transports us to the Caribbean.

  • Module de jeux extérieur pour enfant avec un toit en feuilles de palmier

    Children playground

    As much as your children as you can enjoy the palm leaf roof by installing it directly on a children's play module.

  • Cabanon en bois recouvert d'une toiture en feuilles de palmier

    A shed

    For the simplest project, install Palmita directly on an existing shed.

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  • Toiture Palmita sur un tiki bar intérieur

    Roofing solution in the house

    Made of HDPE, Palmita roof can be installed indoors or outdoors. No matter where it is installed, it will bring a tropical touch to your decor with its synthetic palm leaf.
  • Place au coco

    Make room for coco

    A new Palmita color is now available at Boutique Palmex. A golden opportunity to stand out with a tropical roof with a completely unique look.
  • Édition limitée : Nouvelle couleur de Palmita

    Limited Edition: New Palmita color

    For a limited time only, Palmita is available in grey. This color imitates the natural aged roof.