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Set of 35 pieces of synthetic bamboo, 1.97 po (50 mm) in diameter. Bamboo wonderfully imitates natural bamboo for an exotic look. Realize a multitude of decorative projects with these synthetic posts: fence, privacy wall, furniture, etc. They are lightweight while being durable and strong!

To make a fence with a width of 1 meter, you need about 20 pieces of 1.97 po (50 mm) diameter bamboo. The set of 35 pieces therefore makes it possible to make a fence of 5.74 feet (1.75 meters).
Color: Natural
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Each package contains 35 pieces of bamboo, covering a fence length of 3.28 feet (1.75 meter).

Diameter: 1.96 in (50 mm)
Length: 3.28 feet (1 meter) or 6 feet (1.83 meter)

The bamboo pieces can be joined together in different ways, depending on the type of project. If you have any questions about the installation, you can contact us and we'll be happy to guide you and answer any questions.

*No maintenance required. Indoors or outdoors, summer or winter, maintenance is not a concern.

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Types of installation

Bamboo pieces can be installed in different ways, depending on your needs. Here are some practices that can be done for your projects.

  • Screwing

    The bamboo pieces can be connected to each other by screwing them together.

  • Drilling

    Using a hole saw and a cutter, the bamboo pieces can be pierced so that they fit into each other.

  • Rope attachment

    In order for the bamboo pieces to be held one after another, they can simply be tied with any type of rope.

  • Collage

    The bamboo pieces can be glued together with a good strong glue as needed.

  • Cutting

    Bamboo pieces can be cut in half lengthwise with a bench saw. They can then be glued to a surface and you will double your number of pieces.

  • Digging

    For outdoor use, it is possible to simply tuck a metal rod into the piece of bamboo and tuck the metal rod into the ground.

Some inspirations

There are many types of projects you can make with synthetic bamboo pieces. Let our suggestions inspire you!

Idea of project to realize in bamboo


In this example, the bamboo pieces were tied together with a rope to build an outdoor fence. This type of project is perfect for a decorative fence or to build a privacy wall in the backyard. Note that the bamboo is designed for decorative use, not structural, although it is very sturdy.

Clôture décorative à l'extérieur avec des morceaux de bambou synthétiques de couleur naturelle - Boutique Palmex
Pro tip #1

Color Mix

For the most original look, feel free to mix natural and green colored bamboo pieces.

Morceaux de bambou synthétique au diamètre de 50 mm de couleur naturelle et verte - Boutique Palmex
Pro tip #2

Diameter mix

You can also play with different sizes of bamboo pieces: 32 mm diameter, 50 mm diameter and 75 mm diameter.

Morceaux de bambou synthétique aux diamètre de 32, 50 et 75 mm de couleur naturelle - Boutique Palmex