Transform Your Oasis with Boutique Palmex's Synthetic Roofs

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy relaxing moments by the pool, surrounded by friends and family. Imagine yourself sipping a cool drink under a tropical roof, easily created with the synthetic roofing products from Boutique Palmex. Specially designed for DIY installation, our products transform any space into a paradise oasis without the hassle of maintenance. In this article, we will introduce our various synthetic thatch options and show you how they can enhance the ambiance of your home.

Palmita: The Perfect DIY Solution

Palmita synthetic palm leaves are ideal for DIY enthusiasts looking to add an exotic touch to their outdoor space. Made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), these leaves are not only durable but also maintenance-free. Sold in packs of 22 leaves, each set covers an area of 2 square meters (21.53 square feet), making installation quick and easy.

Pergola gazebo en bois sur un quai avec une toiture tropical en feuilles de palme synthétique Palmita - BoutiquePalmex

Asian Reed: An Authentic Asian Reed Look

The Asian Reed synthetic roofing faithfully mimics Asian reed with impressive accuracy. Made from PVC, these leaves provide an aesthetic and durable solution for creating a tropical ambiance in your garden. Sold in packs of 32 leaves, covering 2 square meters (21.53 square feet), this product is also easy to install and maintain.

Villa exotique avec une toiture tropicale synthétique Asian Reed - BoutiquePalmex

Sumatra: A Palette of Exotic Colors

For those seeking a more colorful touch, the exotic Sumatra roofing is the perfect choice. Its leaves feature shades of brown, green, and yellow, creating a vibrant and unique visual effect. Like Palmita, Sumatra is made from HDPE, ensuring long-lasting durability without maintenance. Each pack contains 22 leaves, covering 2 square meters (21.53 square feet).

Feuilles synthétiques Sumatra de couleur brune, naturel et vert installées sur un parasol sur la plage - Boutique Palmex

Kuta: The Authenticity of Natural Palm

Kuta synthetic thatch is perfect for those who want to recreate the authentic look of natural palm leaf roofs. Made from HDPE, Kuta combines durability and aesthetics, adding a tropical touch to any outdoor space. With its naturally colored leaves, this product is sold in packs of 22 leaves, also covering 2 square meters (21.53 square feet).