Backyard decoration inspirations

Inspirations déco pour l'arrière-cour

Have you purchased or are you planning to order Palmita Tropical Roof? You won't regret your decision! Not only does the roof offer several benefits, including ease of installation and durability, but it will also go a long way in changing the look of your backyard!

Palmita roof, with its imitation palm leaves, brings a tropical touch to the decor making us feel like we are on vacation in the Caribbean. In order to transport you 100% into this tropical atmosphere, we have some decorating suggestions that will blend beautifully with your Palmita roof.

Tip #1

A natural or artificial palm tree

The addition of a palm tree, twinned with your roof, will transport you directly to the tropics. At the beginning of summer, you will find small palm trees in some nurseries, imported directly from the South. While they require little maintenance in the summer, as a tropical plant, you'll need to bring it indoors to make it survive the colder weather.

Like greenery, but not the maintenance that comes with it? Why not add an artificial palm tree to your decor! Artificial and designed for outdoor use, your palm tree will be maintenance free and last through the years.

Gros plan sur une feuille de palmier synthétique
Tip #2

A little dose of tiki decoration

Is the term "tiki" familiar to you? It often makes us think of Hawaiian scenery, but what is it really? A tiki is a carved human representation, most often in the form of a statue, which originated in Oceania.

In your backyard, you can add small tiki touches, which will add a tropical decorative touch. If you have a backyard bar, we suggest getting tiki cocktail glasses. You can also add a small tiki statue to the decoration! Finally, you can also install some torches to complete the look.

Statut décorative extérieure de type tiki
Tip #3

Adding DIY decoration

For a low-budget DIY project, we suggest painting small wooden boards. You can place them one after the other, indicating directions or even sunny destinations. This simple addition will transport you on a journey, while adding a pop of color to your decor.

Pancarte de bois affichant des destinations de voyages au soleil
Tip #4

We say yes to colors!

Speaking of color, we believe that any little colorful touches are welcome in a tropical setting. Bright colors bring energy, which will be perfect for any backyard. They definitely have their place in decorating to brighten up any sunny day!

Our tips for adding
Opt for colorful furniture. For example, if you are planning to get an outdoor sofa set, we suggest you choose colored cushions.
2) Do you have a green thumb? Plant perennials that will bloom most of the year. For example, hemecorallis blooms orange all summer long, as do coreopsis, which blooms bright yellow.
3) A nice colored umbrella is a great way to add color to the decor

Vu d'un parasol orange par une journée ensoleillée

It's up to you!

With all these tips, we are sure that you will be able to make your decor as festive as tropical, and that you will fully enjoy summer! We will be delighted to see your wonderful projects if you want to send us some pictures to the following

Wishing you a great summer!


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