Roofing solution in the house

Toiture Palmita sur un tiki bar intérieur - Boutique Palmex

Made of HDPE, Palmita roof can be installed indoors or outdoors. No matter where it is installed, it is sure to bring a tropical touch to your decor with its synthetic palm leaf shape.

An indoor tiki bar

We love outdoor tiki bar projects that come with you on hot summer days, but why not bring the sun inside? Adding synthetic palm leaf roofing to your indoor bar will bring warmth and ambiance to your parties all winter long!

Loving the greenery, but not the maintenance that comes with it? Why not add an artificial palm tree to your decor! Artificial and designed for outdoor use, your palm tree will require no maintenance and will last through the years.

Toiture synthétique en palme Palmita sur le toit d'un tiki bar à l'intérieur - Boutique Palmex

Tropical furniture

Why not add a tropical touch to the bedroom? Palmita synthetic palm leaf roof can be very well used as a decoration on any furniture in the house! A great idea for the bedroom or playroom of your kids and teens.

Toiture synthétique en feuille de palme Palmita dans une chambre d'enfant pour décorer un lit superposé - Boutique Palmex

An indoor pergola

If space allows, DIY Palmita roof can even be used for an indoor pergola!

Toiture Palmita en palme synthétique à l'intérieur, gazebo pour spa et bar intérieur - Boutique Palmex

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