Toiture Palmita sur un tiki bar intérieur

Roofing solution in the house

Made of HDPE, Palmita roof can be installed indoors or outdoors. No matter where it is installed, it will bring a tropical touch to your decor with its synthetic palm leaf.

An indoor tiki bar

We love outdoor tiki bar projects that take you through the hot summer days, but why not bring the sun inside? Adding a synthetic palm leaf roof to your indoor bar will bring warmth and ambiance to your parties all winter long!

Tropical furniture

Why not add a tropical touch to the bedroom? Palmita synthetic palm leaf roof can be used as a decoration on any piece of furniture in the house! A great idea for the bedroom or playroom of your children and teenagers.

An indoor pergola

If space allows, the DIY Palmita roof can even be used for an indoor pergola!

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