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Boutique Palmex is owned by the Quebec (Canada) based company Palmex International. Palmex International's mission is to provide permanent, environmentally responsible synthetic roofing and siding solutions on an international scale.

Our history


The beginning of an idea

In 1998, in French Polynesia, a simple question sparked an idea. Why not try to create synthetic palm leaves? Given the excessive exploitation of natural palm leaves and their short shelf life, this solution seemed obvious.


Palmex foundation

After five years of effort, research and development, a unique product was developed and Palmex International opened its doors.


World leader

Over the years, Palmex has built a solid reputation, based on the quality and durability of its products, to become a world leader in synthetic roofing.


Boutique Palmex creation

In order to meet the demands of the DIY market, Palmex added to its arc Palmex Boutique in 2022, a specialized online store aimed at the residential market.

Let's make room for

Boutique Palmex

Boutique Palmex is on a mission to make sustainable synthetic palm leaf roofing accessible to the residential market. That's why it offers an easy-to-install solution in just 3 easy steps. So that everyone has the chance to enjoy this tropical addition right in their backyard!

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